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Spare part search: Beogram 4000 Contact Spring / Contact bridge

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T4000 Posted: Fri, Sep 17 2021 6:08 PM


Unfortunately, disaster hit my Beogram 4000.

With the best of intentions, I wanted to get all my (not very reliable) Beogram 4000 Contact Springs and Contact bridges gold plated. I had these analyzed and it was confirmed that B&O installed silver plated contacts in the Beogram 4000. Metallurgical engineer friends strongly recommended gold plating, but said that the contacts needed to be de-silvered first, nickel coated and then gold plated for lasting result.

Said and done, I found a company that could help me with this for a reasonable cost. They said they could, at least. They were wrong. Very wrong. They managed to destroy the hole lot. All of them. In one go. Returned as powder.

I'm planning to send them a horse head later on. But first:

Please help. Do any of you have any of these parts at home, and are willing to sell it to me? Or do you know any enthusiasts that I can get in contact with?

I managed to buy a few on ebay, but I still need quite a few.What's currently missing is:

Contact Spring 7500051 (12 pcs)
Contact bridge 7500050 (2 pcs), 7500061 (5 pcs)
Contact pin 2364024 (7 pcs)

All help or advice are welcome.


Picture of the disaster:


And yeah... what I'm looking for:

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evereddie replied on Sun, Sep 19 2021 2:58 AM

Always the best place to start:

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