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My Beolink 7000 is no longer working. How do I find radio stations with BEO4?

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Lennart Hildeman
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Lennart Hildeman posted on Fri, Sep 17 2021 9:24 AM

I had this BeO-authorised repairguy in to sort it when my linkrooms no longer responded. Turns out there was a loose thread in the MCL coupling upstairs. (The Beomaster 7000 and the Beovision are downstairs, and the MCL to the kitchen and the upstairs speaker are run through the loft.)

After the repairguy left, I found that the programming and control functions were no longer working, but just responded No contact. Then, all three link rooms stopped working. Completely.  After chasing the firm for some weeks, I got hold of the same repairman/installer, who appeared last Friday, and discovered that a couple of the wires  - in the same coupling - were damaged, attributing this to vermin.

He soldered the coupling, and finally tested the Beolink 7000, but still got nada on the two-way communication, suggesting that the problem lay with the Beomaster, so I asked what it might cost to have it gone through, but he could not say. I then suggested that it might be cheaper to buy a new one, which he confirmed.

Now, before I do something stupid here; I have tried to figure out how to use the BeO4 to find radio stations, have consulted the handbooks, but can find nothing, so would really appreciate if somebody could tip me off on how to do that!

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