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Audio and video artifacts on BeoVision 7-55. What is wrong?

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JIeo (Alex)
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JIeo (Alex) posted on Thu, Sep 16 2021 7:00 PM


Sometimes I hear a crackling sound from BeoLab 7-6 and see artifacts on the BeoVision 7-55 screen when I connect a TV box. This happens when it is connected to any port. BUT if you connect a laptop or turn on a DVD, then everything works fine: no crackling and image artifacts! I suppose faulty is not in matrix and not in HDMI cable or matrix wire. Motherboard? If someone encountered such behavior, was the repair expensive or would I have to replace the entire board?


P.S.: TV does not also display any signals if an HDMI cable is inserted (port D). What is it? DVD? Why does the DVD movie play when this cable is unplugged? Huh?

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