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Beogram advice

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mileso posted on Tue, Sep 14 2021 8:27 PM

Evening All,

I am after some advice, over the years i have owned many Beocenters and systems and am now in the market for a turntable. I have 2 options locally:

1. A Beogram 3000 (type 5901), in great condition, which would work nicely with the speakers I have but i would need an amp. £175

2. A BeoSystem 5500 also in great condition, which I could buy and sell off the bits i don't want (Tape deck, CD player, Speakers etc) £500


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Saint Beogrowler
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I’d go for whichever model I liked the look of best, and I do like wedges. Also, I hate selling stuff. So I’d go with the 3000.
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