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Beovision 8-32 and Playstation 4

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mr_anders_son posted on Mon, Sep 13 2021 4:47 PM
I can not get a picture with HDMI between my Beovision 8-32 and Playstation 4.

Not chromecast either.

Any tips?

It works with another non B&O TV

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david656 replied on Mon, Sep 13 2021 11:53 PM

Sadly I don't have a BV8-32 so I'm only guessing with this. 

Does your BV8 have the built in HDMI port or are you using a HDMI/DVI converter? Do you have access to a laptop or computer with HDMI out? if you connect a computer to it, does it recognise it as a second/external display? if you look at the display settings it should say if it detects it and might even give you some basic information on the display. This would be a good test to see if the port is picked up.

On the TV itself have you gone through the settings and selected the HDMI port to an appropriate AV source name? DVD maybe or V.Mem.

As I say just some speculative advice above, but thought it was worth trying to help you out.


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I can not get a picture with HDMI between my Beovision 8-32 and Playstation 4.

Try setting the picture quality to 720p fix using your other TV, then try BV 8-32 again.

It has 720p only and does not communicate well with the PS4...

Had the same issue with PS3 in the past.



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