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Posting -- New Members Please Read

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Keith Saunders
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Hampshire, United Kingdom
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Keith Saunders Posted: Wed, Sep 1 2021 8:10 AM

This is a very friendly site. Obviously many questions have been asked before and there is a search facility which you can use where you may find an answer. However we really do not mind answering questions! It is better to post on site rather than using the private message route as you might find the person you message is away or does not know the answer! If you post on the forum, you are likely to get a quick and accurate answer and others wanting to know the same thing will also benefit. Sometimes you will be given a link to a previous thread as often these will have a very full discussion and this saves repeating the whole thing. However that does not make your query any less valid.

The forum survives due to the posts of its members and so any post is welcome. We hope that you enjoy becoming part of the Beoworld community.

There are a few things I should mention to help you get the best out of this Forum and the associated web Site:-

The Beoworld Web Site are on separate servers for security reasons and you login via the web site. Once you are logged into your account on the web site when you come to the Forum you get logged in automatically. Your password is NOT stored on the forum.

Your Beoworld Account and Forum account are separate and not linked. So if you wish to change your Beoworld Account profile, then this is best done via the Beoworld portal at You can change just your Forum profile by clicking on "Edit your Profile" at the top of each Forum page.

When posting or starting a new thread you should ONLY press the Submit button once. If the system is idle for more than 20 minutes then the server goes into a sleep mode and can take up to 20 seconds to restart when the submit button is pressed.

You should note that every member has their own HOME page on the forum where you can upload files, just click on your login username at the top of every forum page to go to it. You can go to any users Home page by clicking on their username in any posting where you can send a private message to that person if they have enabled it in their profile.

Regards Keith....

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