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Redline RL 45/RL 60 Speaker Stand Measurements and Drawings

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The Village Idiot
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The Village Idiot posted on Mon, Aug 30 2021 2:39 PM


Just wondering if anyone has measurements and drawings for floor stands for Redline RL 45/RL 60 speakers. As it is impossible to buy these (separately) anymore, a friend and I are hoping to fabricate them for his speakers. If you have any such drawings, we would be very grateful if you could post them here.

I have two pairs of the larger RL 140s, one with and the other without the stands.  I have made (poor) CAD drawings with measurements so that I can clone my existing stands, which are larger than those for the RL 45s/RL 60s.  I have uploaded the drawings here so that anyone can access them.

B&O Redline 140 Speaker Drawings 1.pdf

We are also interested in the original curly cables for this range of speakers, so any info on where we could source replicas of these would be great.

Thanks very much

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Dillen replied on Mon, Aug 30 2021 2:43 PM

They do come up for sale occasionally.
I just sold this pair:
Bang & Olufsen Bodenständer Stands Beovox Redline RL45 RL45.2 RL60 RL60.2 RL6000 | eBay

If you'd like it, I can see, if I can find another pair.


The Village Idiot
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Hi, Dillen

Thanks for your reply.  I will ask my friend what he wants to do. Are you able to source two pairs for the RL 45s as well as one pair for the RL 140s?  We are in Adelaide, Australia, so shipping may be prohibitive!  If you could let me know what you might be able to offer, that’d be great.  We have some time and interest in metal work, so building our own would be a nice challenge if we can’t get the originals.
Thanks again. 

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