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Beosystem 4 part 2

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frog posted on Sat, Aug 14 2021 8:06 PM


following on from the last post about the Beosystem 4, I’m having problems with one of mine which feeds a LG 65inch OLED TV. I find when I first switch on, or change sources (between AppleTv and a Freesat box) the screen starts flashing, the signal drops and it can take a few seconds to re-sync.

based on the last thread, I suppose it is an issue with EDID, so I’d be very interested in finding out if someone has found a way to solve this flashing issue. 

I’d buy a hD Fury dongle if it would help me somehow, but wouldn’t know how to configure it.   

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Hello, not being an expert (rather an apprentice) I wondered if the settings of the Apple tv are correct (e.g. format should not be on HDR but on SDR, with Match Dynamic Range ON and Match Frame Rate ON). Perhaps you can also check if your HDMI cable is still ok (there is a setting in the Apple tv for this). Ultra high speed HDMI cables sometimes may improve the situation…
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