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Beocord 8000 will forward tape but won't rewind..!

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bofreak23 posted on Mon, Aug 2 2021 2:28 AM


I aquired a mint Beocord 8000 which apart from the the annoying fault that it wont rewind a tape but will fast forward, it works perfectly. Old bands were replaced...

Could any one suggest a reason why?

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Yes, that series of Beocord cassette decks (BC8000, 8002, 8004, 9000) have a set of rubber wheels that are part of the cassette mechanism and over time deteriorate. The rubber dries out and hardens. If the mechanism hasn't been serviced in a while then it is way overdue. There are two rubber belts that will also require replacing.

Replacing the rubber wheels and belts requires some disassembly of the mechanical mechanisms. That is also a good time to clean and lubricate the parts. Once everything is done the Beocord should be back working again. 

This old Beoworld post shows the rubber wheels and also points out the clutch assembly that can also suffer from cracks.

You can get the proper belts and wheels from Beoparts.


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