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BeoMaster 4500 wall mounting

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baz posted on Mon, Aug 2 2021 12:39 AM

I have the Beomaster 4500 system - Beomaster+BeoCord+BeoGram CD+BeoGram turntable.

I wish to mount all accept the BeoGram turntable on the wall, and obviously want to hide the connecting cables.

I've seen a B&O component that is designed to hide the cables, but cannot locate it anywhere. Does it have a Product/Model number I can use to search with, and what is its official model name ?

Also, any ideas on where I might be able to pickup and buy this 'cable hiding' component.

Thanks. Smile

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Here you go !

I have the same set up - just awaiting my wall mounts to arrive so I can get everything wired up !

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BenSA replied on Wed, Aug 4 2021 8:25 AM

If you do wall mount it, please remember that the double sided tape that holds the glass panels gives way with age causing the glass panels to fall out and break. They aren't replaceable. So make sure that you check them or replace the tape. I used silicone and it worked perfectly. 

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