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Beosystem 5000 and Beogram CD players

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AKML posted on Thu, Jul 22 2021 11:45 PM

Hi Beoworld,

I have a Beosystem 5000 with the Master Control Panel 5000.  I know the Beogram CD-50 was designed to work with these, but I am wondering if the Beogram 5500, 6500 and 7000 will also work?  Will there be some functions through the MCP that only work with the 50?  Or some functions I will never be able to access?

I think the root of this question goes to something special about the MCP 5000, which does NOT work with later systems.  However, I think the Receiver talks to the later components through the 7 pin connectors, and so some commands go through.

I think the later Beogram CD's are better made, easier to acquire, and easier to repair than the CD-50.

I love the depth of info on this website; very helpful.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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Dillen replied on Fri, Jul 23 2021 9:45 AM

Beogram CD550/6500/7000 will work fine with Beomaster 5000 and MCP 5000.

Are Beogram CD5500 better made? - Perhaps physically.
Beogram CD50 is a little more difficult to service, but it sounds so fantastic.


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AKML replied on Fri, Jul 23 2021 9:04 PM

Thanks Dillen,

I found a manual for the CD5500 that even had a special paragraph describing use with the 5000 system.  It noted that some information (track number and status) would only be available on the face of the CD5500, not on the MCU, which is fine with me.

I will have to see how programmable it is.  The MCU 5000 is maybe unique in its ability to program a whole sequence of operation across all media.  Fun for a party, or to create mixtapes, now called playlists.

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