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Powerlink cables, cut and rejoin

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beoaus posted on Mon, Jul 19 2021 11:13 AM

Hi All,

I need to move or widen the gap beolab 4500's that have been cabled thru studs in a wall. To accomodate a larger flat panel TV. The cables are the original B&O power link versions. I'd like to do this simply if possible.

Wondering if it's possible to cut them and rejoin. 

The studs in the wall have a 3.5mm hole so I can't draw thru the powerlink connectors. The powerlink cable does fit. So a cut and rejoin could work. Just never cut the original B&O cables. Plus its lockdown here so a simple solution would be preferred.

Hoping someone has experience in this... I would hate to cut the cable and find say 3 white wires a shield etc.

Thanks. Beoaus.

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stefan replied on Mon, Jul 19 2021 11:55 AM

Yes, works without a problem - you have the fully wired PL cable with 8 wires all different colours.

More information on page 101 in the Beolink Handbook V. 1.9 - I recommend to use shrink tubing (if this is the right word...) to separate the soldered wires.

And unplug the cable before soldering.

Hope this helps



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RaMaBo replied on Mon, Jul 19 2021 2:02 PM

If you worry about rewiring 8 wires plus shielding, just ask Steve at soundsheavenly (link to his web site down at the middle of this page) for a powerlink extension (female plug -> 8 pin shielded cable -> male plug).



Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Thanks RaMaBo,

Yes, I can help with ready made and tested couplers and cables if you don't feel confident soldering.  Cutting and joining fully wired 8 pin Powerlink cables is not for the faint hearted, as the tiny wires can be very tricky to solder unless you do this regularly!

Please click on my smiley face at the foot of the page if you need any cables and I will be happy to help!

Kind regards, Steve.


Founder of Sounds Heavenly Cables and Brand Ambassador for Bang & Olufsen

Sounds Heavenly are proud to sponsor BeoWorld!

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beoaus replied on Tue, Jul 20 2021 10:49 AM

Thanks Stefan, Ralph, Steve,

A small diversion here.

The Beolab 4500's connect to a Beolink Active and  masterlink. The new Sony 43X8000H TV headphone socket is cabled to the Active as well, activated by the PC command. The headphone socket was supposed to have a fixed (line level) setting like the Samsung TV it replaced but does not. So I now have a couple of problems. TV and cabling.

Need to sort the TV out first. So

1- I wonder if a Toslink to RCA (Analog) adapter would work here and if anyone have experience with lip sync etc?

2 - Steve, Can a novice cut and re-terminate a powerlink plug, if it came to it?

Hope this is clear.

Thanks Beoaus.

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GLOP replied on Tue, Jul 20 2021 11:14 AM


I confirm you can cut and solder the 8 wires calbles, I did it myself, but it was a sort of ordeal :)

the join requires at least 15cm (or more), quite a lot of heatshrink tube and a lot of technique to let the cable run smoothly once soledered.

I strongly suggest you rieach Steve @ Sound Heavenly (who kindly supported me while doing my weldering job on his awesome cables) and look for a better alternative.

If anyway you want to give a try I suggestt you to find a soldering jig so cables will be steady while operating.

Enjoy your DIY :D 

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beoaus replied on Wed, Jul 21 2021 12:27 AM


I'll sort the TV issue out first, leaving cables across the wall. The supplier may have to come good with some plaster and carpentry work which could sort the problem.


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