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Problems with software-update at beovision 11

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Master123456789 posted on Thu, Jul 8 2021 7:54 PM

I have bought a cheap beovision 11 with the old software from 2012. But I cannot the software update working, I only says fail.

I have tried:
- update online wireless
- software update via USB with software from B&O
- reset the television

What more to do to try a software-update?

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Answered (Verified) ebnrob replied on Thu, Jul 15 2021 11:55 PM
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I’m pretty sure the last update was to add the internet radio option and that was a good few years ago tho later than 2012 definitely..(I seem to recall late 2017 but nothing thereafter). And that internet radio has now stopped broadcasting the bbc radio stations as the bbc have withdrawn that option in favour of the bbc sounds app as far as I am aware. There have been discussions on here about the bbc issue. 

I got in touch with b&o recently regarding BBC radio stations not connecting on the BV11. They told me to do this which worked: 

  • On the remote press Menu - options - press GO
  • Now press the RED button then GO. (customer service menu)
  • Go to settings - reset to default - reset N.Radio to default - Press GO
  • Turn the TV back on after 1 minute. (It might reboot by itself)


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altist replied on Wed, Jul 21 2021 11:31 AM

Thanks Rob that worked a treat. Please can other members who have had this problem note that this solves the BBC Radio stations problem so far. Getting into the service menu is still a bit hit and miss, but once in, this trick worked and the Tv rebooted itself - Hurrah!

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