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Beovox S25 - Replacement 6.5" (17cm) Seas woofer wanted.

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richardbell81 posted on Mon, Feb 11 2013 9:09 PM

Hi everyone,

I bought some Beovox S25 speakers on eBay which I was led to believe worked perfectly. Unfortunately, when I received them one of the speakers wasn't working properly. It was really quiet with no bass. I took it apart to see if there were any loose connections and it looked as though the wires from the voice coil were shorting out on the metal basket frame as the black and red fibre washers which held them in place had come apart. 

I cleaned the washers and secured everything back in place using epoxy glue, but it made little difference. I am still hoping to fix the woofer somehow but I think it may have blown or seized and i'm fast running out of ideas! So if anyone has a spare lying around then please do let me know!

Many thanks, Rich.

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