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Beocentre 2300 connect to Beomaster 5000

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leeoss posted on Thu, Jul 1 2021 9:30 PM

Hi I have a beocentre 2300 and want to connect it to my beomaster 5000 can someone please help the 2300 has 2 x 8 pin powerlink and 1 7 pin aux and the 5000 has 7 pin inputs whats the best way to connect?

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You need what we we used to call a "tape deck configured" 5 pin Din cable,to connect between the aux port of the BS2300,and the Tape 2/aux port of the Beomaster.It will only need to be 5 pinned,as the data link pins are not needed.The data link functions of the two products are incompatible anyway.

I imagine that Steve at Sounds Heavenly can sort out the cable for you.


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