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Harmony Questions

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Aussie Michael
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Aussie Michael posted on Thu, Jul 1 2021 12:20 AM

Reading the tech spec for the Harmony in a bit more detail raises a few questions that I would like assistance with please.  The tech spec doesn't look updated (Web OS 5.0), with the G1 I'm interested in which is Web OS 6.0) 

1. Can you Chromecast video to the Harmony? On the odd occasion I might Chromecast from the Foxtel / YouTube app  on my iPad 


2 (answered). Does the Apple TV app feature Apple TV +? (I'm trying not to set up a separate apple TV unless I really have to) 


3. If you plug a device in to the HDMI of the LG (as opposed to the Sound Centre), will sound come out of the Sound Centre?  The spec guide states Internal Connection: 1x HDMI (2.0) eARC; 1 x Ethernet 10/100Mb.  So i'm guessing it would?  You just don't get BROne control 


4. Is it better to plug a Game Console in to the LG or in to the Sound Centre? LG is HDMI 2.1, and the Sound Centre is HDMI 2.0 ?

     Note:The gaming specs im assuming relate to plugging in to the Sound Centre :

          < 1 ms response time Input lag 12,8 ms VRR G-sync and FreeSync™ compatible ALLM;

          4k and 2K HFR HGiG mode


5.  Is the current Harmony actually referred to as a Mk2?  FlatPanelsHD refer to the Harmony as Mk2, so i'm guessing it's because of the update of the default screen option rather than anything to do with the SoundCentre part ? 


Thank you

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Aussie Michael:

2. Does the Apple TV app feature Apple TV +? (I'm trying not to set up a separate apple TV unless I really have to) 

Apple TV+ is merely the paid version. So in any version of the Apple TV app, if you're logged in and paying their new subscription, you'll get Apple TV+ content.

There's no difference between the Apple TV app and an Apple TV, for Apple content. You only need the device for playing games (via the Apple Store), watching other content (via the other apps) and so on. If you only want to watch Apple TV content, the app is sufficient.

For example, I keep my Apple TV device as the LG panels do not have a BT Sport app! So I have to watch BT Sport via the Apple TV device. You might have the same setup in Australia.

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Sandyb replied on Thu, Jul 1 2021 10:11 AM

Indeed, the implication of what Moxxey wrote is that you only really need an Apple TV unit if you need a few of other things that are exclusive to the Apple TV unit.

Examples of those being

-  Apple Arcade (their game service)

- you want to use the unit as a hub for Apples home intgerattion

- you want to use Apples photos / home movies app ("Photos")

- there are 3rd party apps which you're smart TV doesn't provide.

The Apple TV app that they have given to other smart TV's includes the Apple TV+ streaming channel / platform. If thats all you need, and none of the above, then you dont need an Apple TV unit itself.

There are many who say that movies streamed by the unit itself are the best quality (sound and PQ wise) - whether that quality improvement is from any app on the unit, or just the Apple TV app (purchased / rented / streamed), I dont quite know But its a reasonably well held view all the same. And whether that matters to you or not depends on how particular you are - while the above seems to resonate with many, at the same time for many native smart TV apps (Netflix, Prime etc) seem more than fine for them too. Anyway, a more qualitative consideration than the list above.

Aussie Michael
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Melbourne, AU
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Thank you Moxxey and Sandy, appreciate the time you took to respond.  

For my use case, i'm not using Apple Arcade or any other app other than Netflix.  I have some movies purchased on Apple TV which I can use the app for and i have an Apple TV+ subscription for a year based on a recent purchase.

I consider question 2 answered, thanks 

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