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BLC in combination with Harmony and Beosystem 6500

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Beobuddy posted on Tue, Jun 22 2021 11:02 AM

Hi all,


For one monent I thought I understand the BLC, but I'm completely lost at the moment.

Setup: Harmony and Beosystem 6500 in livingroom (BS6500 connected with MCL/ML converter and works in connected linkrooms)

What instruction do you use with the Harmony to start the CD6500 and/or BG6500 (don't need the other components (Radio/A.tape/etc)?

I've renamed the QPlay function to "Beosystem 6500" in the Harmony and that function appears in the BR1 under music sources. But whatever setup I tried at the BLC setup, none of them got the CD6500 reacting or giving some sound.
I tried at the BLC setup A-Slave, A.Master, emptyed almost all sources all at ML side, linked only CD and Phono to "Beosystem 6500" .

This morning I pressed the JOIN button on my essence remote (Essence mk2) in the office and got music from the CD in the livingroom? Was surprised that I got music?
BLC connected primairly to the Harmony and secondly to a Core in another linkroom.


Even simple questons arise. Can you assign both CD and Phono(N.Radio) to the same "Beosystem 6500" in the  IR Mapping setup? What means "IR" when you use BT to command the Harmony?

BTW, no other older sound system is present at the ML side.

Is there an BLC instruction manual? Never thought that I would need it, but when things doesn't work as expected,  you start to doubt about almost everything.


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Johan replied on Tue, Jun 22 2021 11:56 AM


I do run a BLC to get my BM6500/BGCD7000 to live together with a Core and avoid command conflicts. It is in A.Slave mode. Maybe I can help you with that? I rally only pass on the CD signal onto NL in order to use it (via another BLC) in my MasterLink network. N.RADIO and N.MUSIC are provided by the Core. I do not have a BG, so I do not have the N.RADIO = PHONO conflict. Perhaps here you need to find another (currently not used) command to activate the BG.

Let me know if I can help you with screenshots or so.



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Beobuddy replied on Tue, Jun 22 2021 12:23 PM

Thanks for your help so far!


But the thing is. The Beoremote 1 has only the (bluetooth)commands (sources) which are set up by and in the Harmony. The Beoremote synchronizes the instructions and options with the Harmony like a sort of 2-way remote.

So, I do not have a button or source under  music to choose the CD-player. And I can't add such command, like we used to with the Beo4. That's where it starts.
I used in the previous setup, like yours, to start the CD just by pressing CD on the BEO4 remote pointing at the infrared receiver from the Essence mk2.

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