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Beomaster 5000 Issue

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dahiyas posted on Sun, Jun 13 2021 8:18 AM

Hello again..I recently added a Beomaster 5000 to my collection. (The unit was advertised as "for parts" and completely dead - no standby light).

Replacing the capacitors on the processor pcb fixed the standby issue. I replaced the trimmers also and made the adjustments as per service manual guidelines.

Current issues -

1. There is no output on speaker 1. Speaker 2 sockets work(kind of..issue 2)

2. There is a lot of distortion (on both speakers) when music is played. 

Issue 1 - I have already replaced the muting relay. I can see the relay click when power is applied (speaker disconnect). But after that there is no way to get the relay to engage again for speaker 1 to work. Pressing Mute on the main panel or remotes does not do anything. Muting/Unmuting shows the correct status on MCP display. 

Any suggestions ?

Thank you !!




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Dillen replied on Sun, Jun 13 2021 9:10 AM

Make sure nothing is connected to the headphones socket and check that the contact inside the socket hasn't shorted permanently.
Also check the relay driver transistor.


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Thanks Martin.

Yes, I have nothing connected on the headphone socket, Also, I tried disconnecting the P9 connector and no change. 

The transistors checkout ok.

The voltage between R44 and R42 measures at 20V (instead of 15V).

I do not see any voltage changing to 0V when mute is pressed. The MCP shows the mute status correctly whenever mute is pressed.


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