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SHAPE installation issues. Would not accept design ID and SlaveUpgradeFailed error

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beocockney posted on Wed, Jun 9 2021 7:04 PM

I had my SHAPE installed last weekend.

A two amplifier, eight speaker configuration.

After powering it up, it would not accept the design ID and the status showed SlaveUpgradeFailed in the B&O app. I could still play music through it, but the sound was pretty bad and unable to be adjusted.

The B&O installer was unable to resolve the problem and left saying I should contact the shop and have someone come and troubleshoot it...pretty disappointing.

After some investigation, I concluded the slave amplifier needed to be reset. It appears a  reset of the CORE does not reset the slave, only the Master.

After the slave reset it worked perfectly. It accepted  the design ID and there were  no more error messages.

For anyone else hitting a similar problem, this is what I did to reset it.

1) Disconnect ethernet cable from  the slave amp (that goes to the master)
2)  Unplug USB cable going from CORE to the master amp
3) Use a different USB cable to connect CORE directly to the slave amp. I used a different cable so that I did not have to disturb the cabling running through the SHAPE.
4) Reset the CORE with a pin.
5) As soon as the light on the slave amp becomes magenta, pull out the USB cable (otherwise it wont default to a slave amplifier)
6) Plug in all original cables, turn on and set up entering the Design ID.

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Also see this video:


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