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Beoplay M3 - stereo paring via bluetooth possible?

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Audio posted on Sun, May 30 2021 4:49 PM

Is it possible to pair two Beoplay M3 loudspeaker to a stereo set?

I would like to pair two Beoplay M3 loudspeaker to a stereo set and connect both M3s via bluetooth to a music source, is this possible?

When I understand the advertisement of the new Explore correct, it is possible with these loudspeakers. But is it possible with the older Beoplay M3, too?

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1990 replied on Sun, May 30 2021 7:07 PM

Not via Bluetooth. Just via the Google Home app and then only if you use Chromecast if I remember correctly.

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It is possible through the chromecast app.

I have it in my kitchen.

It sounds awesome Big Smile

"You think we can slap some oak on this thing?"

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