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Beosound Ouverture CD, ratchet and backwards spin

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Martin posted on Sun, May 23 2021 11:54 AM


I have the newer "straight line" CD mechanism which was completely dead (no focus). After replacing the laser, it works again - sometimes.

If I immediately select a song not at the beginning of the disc, it plays just fine. Advancing tracks also works fine but when returning to track 1 or 2 or switching back to CD after using another source, it seems to have trouble positioning the laser at the beginning somehow. Here is how it behaves:

It sounds like the worm gear motor that moves the laser tries to move the carriage too far up so that the gear that drives the carriage slips. It seems to be constructed to handle this without breakage since there is a spring behind the toothed part on the carriage allowing it to move away if the gear tries too hard.

I know there is a small contact spring/leaf switch which shorts when the carriage reaches the top/beginning of the disc but It seems to be positioned correctly. I have not measured its function yet though.

Have anyone seen this behaviour before? Any ideas? Can replacing electrolytic capacitors on the controller board be a solution?

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manfy replied on Wed, Jun 9 2021 10:22 AM

Sure thing!
Just take it as a "best practice procedure" for your next project. Measuring and recording takes little time while you have the board on your bench, but it can save you from a lot of guesswork and troubleshooting the next time around.

Cheers! Beer

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