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Beolab 28

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355f posted on Sat, May 8 2021 10:33 AM

Well i thoyght I would reserve judgement until I saw in person the beolab 28


They sound ok, bit lacking in bass subtlety , but the design??I was finding it difficult to put words together, until in another thread a user wrote


My God, what is that supposed to represent? You can really be divided, but I haven't seen anything so ugly for a long time - and neither did I expect from B&O.

Unfortunately, these things only remind me of a dog food bowl. Simple - but tasteless. Sorry, I can't describe it better. But it has to be allowed here sometimes.

Greetings from Hanover. Jürgen


Thats it a Dog bowl and the wall mounted idea is hideous

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Sandyb replied on Sat, May 8 2021 11:02 AM
That’s a bit harsh no?

I don’t love the design, I’d prefer less of the round and more edges.

But they look nice enough in the flesh, although far from a future classic.

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Someone else on this forum I think described it best. The speakers look like they have a clubbed foot.
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And that's why design is so hard to discuss, we all have different opinions😉

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Funnily enough, somebody I know who auditioned the BL28 – and didn't buy it – also described the woofer as a "dog bowl". I haven't seen or heard it so I'll reserve judgment, but it's not a product I'd need anyway.

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