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Beosound doesn‘t start

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Michael posted on Wed, Apr 28 2021 6:25 PM

Hi all,

i‘am just thinking about buying a Beomaster and Beosound 5, with -like the seller told me - is out of order. The problem seems to be that the system does not start. When pressing the off-button at the back of the beosound the red light lights up once but nothing else happens. I‘am thinking about buying it because i have allerady a beomaster with a harddisk-problem so i‘am thinking about buying one with a good disk and a beosound which is ok to buiild one system out of it.

Has anyone an idea what could be wrong with this system?

Thank you!

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Answered (Not Verified) gerard replied on Mon, May 31 2021 12:17 AM
Suggested by Aussie Michael
If you have a HDD problem on your 1st BM5, think at replacing the HDD with a new , or even a SSD , by using the service tool.
Aussie Michael
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A number of BS5 owners have changed their HDD for SSD, so as Gerard writes, if yours is good except for your HDD, you can swap this out. 

I had a BS5Encore and I returned it for my money back because it kept displaying the behaviour you reported from the seller.  I had two main issues: it would go in to stand by, but there would be no red light to let you know it was in standby; and it wouldn't turn on if it was in standby if there was a red light.  As this was an Encore, but the one is a BS5/BM5, I would stay away from that purchase. 

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