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Beosound A9 and turntable

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Oluf442 posted on Sat, Apr 17 2021 2:52 PM

Hi all! 

I just bought my first turn table which I am trying to connect to my A9. I was told in the store that it should be “plug and play”, and I just followed the instructions and have connected it to the line in. I was told the turn table has a built-in RIAA, why it should easily work with the A9. However, despite being connected, there is no sound from the A9. There is, however, a very low sound coming from the turn table itself. What am I missing or doing wrong? Any good ideas?  I have tried changing the line in settings in the B&O app so the settings are currently set in medium. 

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Aussie Michael
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The only thing that I’m aware of is that an RIAA was needed, there was a video from John from Bang & Olufsen of Manchester on how to use a turntable with B&O on the shops YouTube channel.

If you can’t find the link, let me know, and I’ll look it up and link you
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Could you say what model turntable you have (and what cartridge, if you bought it separately), so folks can make more informed guesses?  Yes, plug & play, unless the turntable is broken, or doesn't actually have an RIAA preamp installed, or the cables are disconnected or somesuch.  It should not be necessary, but you could try switching the sensitivity from Medium to High,

and remember that depending on version you may have to tap the top to play anything at all, first:

P.S. It's normal to hear some teeny bit of sound coming off the surface of the record.

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