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Wanted Beomaster 6000 quad 70’s model

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abbaz Posted: Fri, Apr 16 2021 8:52 PM

Hi I’m after a beomaster 6000 quad 70’s model, if anyone has one they are willing to sell? I’m looking for one in reasonable condition which I can refurbish, with remote if possible?

im based in United Kingdom but will consider paying extra for shipping from EU also.



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valve1 replied on Sat, Apr 17 2021 8:38 AM

Hi, I have a one plus remote which was refurbished by Dillon. I would happily sell it as I have no where to use it after I moved house.

Unfortunately its in Dublin and Im in France with no chance of going to Ireland any time soon.

Currently I would need a valid reason to travel , then 2 weeks in a quarantine hotel.

Strange times.


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abbaz replied on Sat, Apr 17 2021 12:46 PM


thanks for the msg, that is a real shame and fully understand about these strange times! But  if you do decide to go to Dublin in the future let me know as I guess I’ll be still looking for one! As I’ve been looking for ages now and can’t seem to find any at all and the ones available are battered and just priced ridiculous.




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