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Connecting the Beogram 5500 Turntable to the Beoplay A9 MK2

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Kgomotso Mabokela
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Kgomotso Mabokela posted on Fri, Apr 16 2021 6:52 AM

Greetings mates,


I seek clarity, i tried connecting my beogram 5500 turn table to the line in inputs of the A9 (mk2). To my surprise the volume is super low and cant get much of a clear signal even if the volume was set to max. Do i need a phono preamp or? I was under the impression that the 5500 turntable has a in built phono preamp? I'd appreciate all the assistance & guidance.





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Guy replied on Fri, Apr 16 2021 7:32 AM

You'll need a phono RIAA pre-amp for the BG5500 - it doesn't have one built in.

Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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As Guy mentioned, the A9 doesn’t have a pre-amp, so you will need this pre-amp kit to connect the Beogram, which comes with all cables needed and full instructions, ready to “plug and play”:- – please choose the “Twin RCA plugs” output option for your A9 mk.2 with red and white RCA input sockets.

Kind regards, Steve.


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