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Beosystem 2 with non B&O TV (Smart TV)

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Basilis94 posted on Tue, Apr 6 2021 6:50 PM

Hello team! 
I have some B&O speakers, beolab10 and beolab 3, which I connect with a Beosystem 2 via 8pin cables (based on MK2 powerlink map).

After this I bought a beolink IR, (the version with 5 cable ports inside) which I connect with beosystem2 via AUX on IR IN port of Beosystem 2.

The IR’s led indicator doesn’t lights up but when I trying some buttons of remote it seems to power on the speakers. I have 2 remote controls. The beolink1000 and beo6 Remote. I hear that they must be programmed for my setup but I can’t find something to try.

I tried to connect-pass my Samsung TV’s sound with several ways on the beosystem2 IN ports, but no one worked. The ways I tried are: Toslink to SPDIF(with converter), aux to RCA, Toslink to RCA(with adapter).

I don’t know what I must do. I want to hear my TV on B&o speakers. Is it necessary to connect Image of Beosystem 2 on my TV to set up them? or What I must do to get there? 
Thanks in advance!! 

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