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Beogram CDX lid won't open

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StarBandO posted on Tue, Mar 30 2021 7:07 PM



We have a problem with our Beogram CDX player.  When you press the eject button the unit lights up but won't open. 


I managed to get it open manually - the motor worked once the lid was slightly lifted and closed properly.


It managed to play a cd although we had to press the lid a bit before it properly read the CD.


Any idea's what's likely causing the issue?  Or is it best getting it repaired?

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It can be caused by one or more of three things:

1) The two black dots under the lid tend to get sticky and then they hold the lid. Best is to remove them. Some say the dots underneath a Beolink 1000 can be used but I have never tried that.

2) The gear wheel is worn and needs replacement

3) The position switches is damaged and needs replacement


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