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Beovision Avant 32 VHS amplifier project details

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berni2907 posted on Tue, Mar 30 2021 9:21 AM


I have the amps out of a Beovision Avant 32 VHS, and have read all the threads that I can find on the subject.

I know I need a +20v-0-20v power supply, so will build a couple of mono ones or get an off the shelf dual output one and live with the long leads. 

What I do not know, and is a very big deal to me is if the adaptive bass linearisation is built into these amps or lives elsewhere. I really hope it lives elsewhere. I want to use these amps to actively drive a pair of biwired speakers, and currently use a Century for that purpose. This had tone controls so I can dial out the extra bass, but that will not be possible with the bare Avant amps.

Any advice appreciated, and if anyone can point me towards a suitable (toroidal) PSU then even better.

Many thanks


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