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Beocenter 3500 speed issues

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Paolo3500 posted on Mon, Mar 22 2021 1:17 PM

Hello together Smile,

I inherited a beautiful Beocenter 3500 from my grandmother and want to use it (mainly) as a turntable. The problem is, that it's playing my records too slowly. It's not reaching the original speed and the speed adjustment poti barely has an effect.

Here is a video of the "sizziling/grinding" sound it makes:

Here is what I already did:

- Set the voltage to 220V (Germany)

- Got a new belt and exchanged it

- Took the motor apart and infused the sinter-bearings with new SAE30 oil under vacuum

Here are my questions:

- How can I measure the rotation/speed? I thought this would be an action to locate the error: is my motor not running fast enough or is the problem somewhere else?

- Do I need to exchange the idler wheel or the rubber on it? It seems a bit stiff and has not much "grip". But I don't want to get the rubber exchanged if the problem lays somewhere else.

Love this forum, already thanks for any hints and tips Smile

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