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BS1 (2017) software update

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Ferdinand Posted: Thu, Mar 18 2021 11:15 AM
Hi everyone,

Does anyone else notice(d) that with every software update the sound of the BS1 get’s more muffled / compressed (?) sounding?

It is now very unpleasent to listen to as if the sound spectrum is not complete and multiple layers in then songs are missing.

Just a very standard YT clip as reference, xylofon in beginning can’t be heard accept for 1 specific tone. A bit further in the song at 2:15 audience cheering - gone, very muted .. Sad

Where did all the highs go to? As if there is a towel over the BS1 - same goes for other sources such as TuneIn and Itunes. Heather Nova’s guitar strumming - gone Sad

I also have difficulties to believe that with every update someone is deliberately tweaking these parameters, but if yes - what for?

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AdamS replied on Thu, Mar 18 2021 1:14 PM

Funny, I've found the sound of the BS1 to improve markedly with some of the recent updates. It was always 'impressive' but I always found the midrange to sound rather processed.

Over the last year or so, its midrange seems to sound more natural and it seems to be closer to the classic B&O 'house sound'. To be fair, though, the treble has never been the best, but I put this down to the natural limitations of a full-range drive unit rather than a dedicated tweeter.

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andy_js replied on Fri, Mar 19 2021 11:01 AM
I’ve always found the treble of the BS1 to be pretty good. It’s usually the mid range which is a bit lacking, but it has improved a lot since I bought it right after it was released. Unsurprisingly the BS2 has no such issue.
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