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Connect 4 B&O speakers to Beosound 9000

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kallem3 posted on Thu, Mar 18 2021 7:06 AM

Hello everybody,

sorry of this has been answered 100 times already - I have searched for quite a while and I was not able to find an answer, so dare to post here.

i have a BS 9000 and connect with two Beolab 4000 via the normal power link cables. I would now like to add two Beolab 8000 to the setting and put them in one room for better acoustics.

the BS 9000 seems to allow only two speakers connected to it.

so what can be done to connect 4 Belabs? 
Many thanks, Stefan  

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Hi Stefan,

are you planning to have the BL8000s in a different room or in the same room? In the same room you should be able to plug the BL8000s into the extra DIN plug on the back of the 4000s. Be sure to tell the BL8000 where they stand (left/right) via the little switch by the plug terminal on the back. 

If you plan to use them in a different room, I would go for a Beolink Active connected to the BS9000 via a Masterlink cable. They can be had relatively cheaply on ebay these days.



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