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BV7-32 and DVB-C/T

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tb59427 posted on Tue, Mar 16 2021 10:37 PM


just got a used BV7-32 with motor stand and BL 7 at a very reasonable price. The TV was advertised as having a DVB-C/T receiver built in. When I go to Options->Tuner Setup I can indeed switch on/off TV (analogue) as well as DVB-C/T separately. So I assume the module is in the TV. Pressing DTV on the Beo 4 makes the TV switch to that source apparently (red leds say DTV). Obviously no programms as the TV is now connected to a new network and I should do a new tuning run. But how do I do that? In the TV section when I press MENU I can start an auto tune or do manual tuning. I don't have that option when I press MENU in DTV. Am I doing something wrong or does the TV really not do DVB (broken module maybe)?

Thanks for any help



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