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Connecting apple Tv / Macbook Pro to BeoVision 3-32

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PeteMacBeo posted on Sat, Feb 2 2013 11:13 PM

Hi everyone

I have recently purchased a BeoVision 3-32 and I am delighted with it it. I am wanting to know what is the best solution to playing music, photos and videos on the Beo 3.

I am torn between two systems that i have read a little bit about, but I am unsure if any of them work so i am a little reluctant to start spending money on them.

I have an Apple Macbook Pro which contains my music, photos etc, so Ideally I would be looking at either using the be04 remote to control my Macbook and running front row or something similar, or buying apple Tv and using this to view my music photos etc, but  I would still like to just use the be04 to control the Apple Tv. if this is possible.

I would like to know if anyone had a similar dilemma and which solution worked best for them  and how they went about it, so if there is anyone out there I would really appreciate some help.

Thanks In advance Pete

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Hi Pete,

I use and ATV-1 with my BeoVision 5 (via scart). I bought and installed Firecore ATV flash allowing the ATV to output composite without any adaptors, just plug in red, white and yellow phono cables to the ATV-1 and then into a scart adaptor into the TV, I'm not sure ATV-2/3 will work with your TV without shelling out on some sort of HDMI to scart adaptor. (you can get the same composite output by following the steps found on the net for free, but the ATV Flash has loads of other useful stuff too including XBMC if you want that.)

The ATV-1 is fully controlled by my Beo4 (look in your PUC list for Apple remote and if it is there it will work the ATV). Take a look here for my response to another posting and the link to what is possible.

Good luck


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