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Back in love with BeoVision

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James Posted: Tue, Feb 23 2021 2:05 AM

Not trying to spruike anything, but I just wanted to share how I really did fall out of love with my BeoVision 11 as the OS became less and less up-to-date.  We rarely watch terrestrial TV these days, instead leaning on Netflix, Disney, Apple, YouTube, Amazon etc. for much of our viewing.

Having recently purchased a Google TV for our outdoor projector, I thought I would try it on our BV11 55" which had been relegated to the parents retreat as it just felt so out of date.  Well, the little Google TV dongle really transforms the experience.  Was also pleasantly surprised to find out that the Google remote can be programmed to turn the TV off (but not on) and control the BeoVision volume.

With Amazon Music and Tidal available on the Google TV as well, this adds another layer of benefit as the TV is plugged into some Lab9's and 8000's.  Okay, it's not a 4K set, but the picture is still very good, and it was more than worth the $99AU to get me using a $30K setup again.  The remote is bluetooth as well, so no need to have it on display for use.  The only thing I wasn't able to do was power the Google TV from the USB port on the TV, so it remains with it's own USB power source.  Interested to hear if anyone else has found out any other little tricks with their Google TV.  Certainly has many benefit over a Chromecast I feel.

Aussie Michael
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Gday James

Yep. The Google TV can transform the experience.

It’s great that you’re happy and using your setup again. 🙌
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Hiort replied on Tue, Feb 23 2021 1:54 PM

I have similar experience with my BV11-46, but with an AppleTV ver 4. Never use any of the "apps" provided by the BV11 OS. Beauty with AppleTV is that its handled by the PUC, and I managed to house it in a compartment behind the back cover.. Really hope that Apple will keep IR on coming versions.

BV11 is a great Beovision and the screen is still very good by todays standards.  

Enjoy your 55" Smile





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