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S45-2 speaker replacements

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Jack posted on Mon, Feb 8 2021 9:26 PM

As a temporary system until I get a big project up and running, I have been using a pair of S45-2 speakers with a Beocenter 7000. I find this to be an excellent system for my living room now, although it will probably end up in the basement workship eventually. Or I might sell it. In either case, I have a bit of a problem that I absolutely must fix.

One of the S45s had a tiny buzz that seemed like a cone problem. (I usually play it pretty loud.) I finally removed the front and found that the middle speaker's foam was virtually missing.  Just air between cone and frame. This could be the problem! The print on the magnet says it's a Blaupunkt 546 07, 3 ohm.

I took a look at the other S45 and the middle speaker looks brand new but I found that the entire speaker was sticky to touch, as if covered with a coating of clear paint that hasn't dried yet. Beyond the stickiness, it doesn't look like a mate to the speaker in the previous paragraph. I think it is time to replace the pair. But this speaker has large letters "SEAS" on the sticker on the back, with typewritten: 10 E-M  4 ohm, 111101-4 (or7) and 3  80.1.

Having read a ton of other discussions abour S45 speakers, I'm pretty confused about what would be the right replacement. Can anybody point me in the right direction? I never even heard of a 3 ohm speaker. I've been really pleased with this S45 pair; I'd like to get this replacement right.





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SEAS 10 F-M is the correct part.
Available here:

And they are all sticky from factory.


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