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Beogram 1500 circa 1968-72

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NickA posted on Tue, Jan 19 2021 6:26 PM

Hi Beo people,

I’ve recently acquired a Beogram 1500. It’s the one with a teak surround and the amplifier built in.

It currently has an SP 6-7 Cartridge in the arm, but the needle has broken-off in the cartridge. So, should i buy a replacement needle for the cartridge (if I can find one), or buy an alternative cartridge with needle in situ? I see a lot of SP12 and SP14’s advertised, but would either of these work or be compatable with the deck I have? Would they be an upgrade from the SP 6-7? What do you suggest i buy.

Also, although the power light, lights-up when i press the ‘on’ phono button, the turntable doesn’t turn, so I’d like to get the entire Beogram serviced. Can anyone recommend a good service centre or B&O expert i could take it to please?

I’m in SW London (think Wimbledon, Kingston area), so somewhere local would be great, but not essential.

Thank you!


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