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Pulling my hair out

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DaddyD posted on Mon, Jan 18 2021 7:06 PM

Just bought a Beomaster 5500 and a Beogram 5500 here in Denmark.

Got them from 2 different private sellers and I got to hear them both play (separately)

At home I connect them, via 7 pin din plug, but can get no sound from the turntable.

Tuner works fine and I know the CD played too.

Am I missing something basic?

Any help would be appreciated Big Smile


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Aussie Michael
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Hi DD,

Just to do the basic checks, when i look at the manual, just to check:

- the beogram is in to the phono of the beomaster 

- the speakers are plugged in (i guess this part is correct as the cd player worked)


Did you change from the CD source to the phono source on the beomaster?  How are you doing that bit? do you use a remote control for that?  

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DaddyD replied on Tue, Jan 19 2021 7:11 AM

Hi Michael

Pretty sure it´s in the Phono, as the Beogram comes to life when I press the Phono button on the remote.

Not sure how to change source on the Beomaster as I only have the small remote - Beolink1000.


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When you press PLAY button on Beogram 5500, the selected input on Beomaster should change to PHONO. 

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What output are you using on the Beomaster?

If you are using speaker 2, try speaker 1 instead.

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