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Beovision 6-26 - PUC control of DVI source

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tb59427 posted on Sun, Jan 10 2021 4:19 PM

Hi all,

I have recently acquired a BV6-26 including motorized stand and a Beo4 for EUR 100 - thought this deal was worth trying to set it up as a little smart TV in my study. Hooked an old macmini (2012) with Kodi on it to the DVI input, analog out to the analog input and voila - nice smart TV. Netflix, Amazon prime and my favourite German stations (live and on demand) work like a charm.

The BV6-26 seems to be an old model (9250 / SW 5.0) that so far doesn't know how to control a Mac (or Apple TV for that matter) via it's PUC. I know that can be fixed by upgrading the PUC data. I have read somehwere (possibly here) that DVI input can not be controlled with a PUC. And flipping through the menus I don't see any way to configure a PUC for DVI input. Now somewhere else (also possibly here or in a later version of the manual) I read that there were BV6's out there which could use PUC also for DVI input. 

Does anyone here know whether PUC control for DVI input can be brought into my BV6 by way of a SW upgrade?



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