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Config tool 6.84 and Beo6

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bdm01 Posted: Sun, Jan 10 2021 10:37 AM

Hi Folks, hope you can help

I used to have a fully working version of config tool 6.84 and used it to program my first Beo6

Due to a HDD failure i lost everything

PC is win 10 64 bit and has worked before

i now have a second Beo6 and need to program it

i found a link to a download and installed it, it seems to work

pop the Beo6 on the cradle Beo6 firmware 3.40a   WiFi firmware 4.3.4

The six little arrows at the top of the tool are white when a remote is on the cradle and have a red cross when removed so that bit is OK

i have fitted a new battery and is fully charged

Device manager shows a beo6 in the remote control devices with a driver version

I have created a simple config but when i hit the finalize tab and download the configuration it seems to go through the process without actually writing any bytes, while this is happening the device manager changes from showing a Beo6 to a Beo5 ?

Trying to update the driver says it's using the best one

Any ideas ? does anyone have or could send a link to a known good version of the software ?

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Tassos replied on Mon, Feb 22 2021 12:01 PM

I have the exact same problem, I used 6.64 but the same thing happens I am trying to find a copy of 6.00 but I had no luck. I will try using a 32bit pc but I keep a small basket.

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