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Converting 2300 one-way to a two-way version done :)

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Weebyx posted on Sat, Jan 9 2021 2:38 PM

Got an idea last, I have had a IR PCB from a two-way 2500 lying around for some time, and at one point I had a 2300 two-way, which I read the SW out of before selling.

Now I have a "test" 2300, which I use for all kinds of tests of lasers and so on, and tried to install the two-way IR pcb, and then burn the 1.1 two-way sw I had to an empty EEPROM, and voila, now the 2300 is two-way :)

Off course to be correct, I should cut a hole in the bottom where the sender diodes are, since they are very restricted.

But it was just a test, and it is possible :)


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