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Sound quality question: Eclipse/powerlink with BL50 vs BS Core/optical out to BL50?

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Martin posted on Wed, Jan 6 2021 9:01 AM


I have today a pair of BL50 connected to an Eclipse 65 with powerlink. 

When listening to Deezer/DLNA Music, will the sound quality be better if I buy a Beosound Core and feed the speakers directly with Optical cable between the speakers and the Core?

Best regards



Beovision Eclipse 65 with floorstand (from STB Brackets), Beolab 50 front, Beolab 3 rear, 2 x Beoplay A6 linkrooms, 2xBeoremote one BT, Beosound 9000 Mark III (sw 3.4), Beosound 5, Philips Hue (all lights in the home), Oppo UDP-203, Apple TV 4K. Beoremote HALO (new), 3xBeoplay Charging pad

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Sandyb replied on Wed, Jan 13 2021 5:00 PM

Thats good to hear

And indeed the reason I bought a 3rd party streamer / DAC for my 50s.....(I bought a Linn, for the record)

Thats if my 50s ever arrive - currently been sitting at the border trying to clear UK customs, and probably will do for a while.


Apple music via apple tv or airport, spotify via apple tv or airport, youtube music via apple tv or tidal via airport sounds good. Really good, not to much differens. But tidal sounds best on balance. Yeah it’s good and almost everybody is impressed.


But I know it could be better. Just something is missing.


Then I put on tidal via analog rca trough the bluesound node 2i. Don’t know if digital is better, don’t have the cabels for it yet.


It just put a smile on my face every time. And it’s not often it happens.


It is so much more details, and still so much less muddy noise you don’t want. And the punch in all the spectrum, wow. I’ll never go back!


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