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B&O cd 5500 motor spinning like crazy

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gazcbm posted on Tue, Jan 5 2021 9:14 PM

Just picked up another CD 5500 but it appears to have a really strange issue...

Power the drive on - press open and it the tray comes out nice and smooth.  When you place a disk on the tray and press play it closes and attempts to read the TOC.  This fails and the player enters standby mode, however the cd motor continues to ramp up speed for a good 15 seconds or so after the player has entered standby.  If you press ‘open’ it just ignores it and continues to spin until eventually it stops, at that point it responds to open again.

The speed it achieves is WAY beyond what I would expect it to in normal operation.

I’m not having much luck with these CD players.  My new years resolution is to listen to a cd in 2021 :-)

I was just wondering whether anyone has had similar issues or perhaps some suggestions on things to check?  Any help will be REALLY appreciated.


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Keri replied on Wed, Jan 6 2021 1:56 AM


I just got a Beogram CD 5500 working, so maybe my thoughts might help.

First thing I noticed on your video is that it sounds like the CD is hitting the tray.  This will stop the player from reading the disc until it finally gives up.

The rubber suspension for the mechanism is probably badly degraded.  Although the suspension does have provision for height adjustment, it probably won't be enough.  Beoparts does sell a repair kit for this.  

What I would do before ordering it is to adjust up the existing mounts so that the lower face of the disc  is 0.3mm above the higher part of the tray (should be quite a bit above the recessed area).  Most likely, the range of adjustment will not be enough, so consider shimming the mounts up so that the disc can spin  without any contact.  If this restores operation, then I would order up the repair kit.

If the player still doesn't work even with the disc running quietly I would then start checking voltages.  Mine had a cracked solder joint on the -9v rail , and there is a  capacitor on the focus board that likes to fail - just search for Beogram CD5500  C2103.


Good Luck!  Mine sounds awesome...

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