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PowerLink RJ45, Supra Cat8 Cable

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pig30n posted on Sat, Jan 2 2021 10:58 AM

Hi all and Happy new year!

I’ve bought my first high end BO speakers this Christmas, a pair of BL18’s and a BS Core.

I was in 50% for the looks and 50% sound. They do both very well, especially looks, although I’m thinking of adding BL19 already. They need some help for the low ends.

The dealer doesn’t carry BO PowerLink cables, other stores were close, thus I’m running them on a cheap 2€ cable found at my local home improvement store. They work, but there’s some barley audible buzz noise after 24h. If I reboot the Core the buzz goes away.

I’ve finally got a pair of Supra Cat 8 RJ45 cables, made in Sweden but patched locally by the dealer.

When connected, there’s buzz everywhere from the speakers. I suspect the shielding was not connected properly. Or the 40Gbps cable is too much?

I’ve checked the patching and it’s according to the T568B standard.

Does the shield wire needs to be connected on both ends of the cable (under the gold plated plugs) ?

Or only connected to one end and loose on the other ?

Thank you in advance and looking forward for an answer.

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Hi there,

Sorry for late reply. The cables are dead silent. Finally!

Indeed, I've got the Supra CAT8 because of the respectable manufacture in the audiophile comunity. Myself being a head-fier for 15years that never jumped into buying loudspeakers because I know it can get expensive very quickly. Already ordered BL19, so yeah :).

A few words about the cable, although it's not fair to compare it to the generic CAT6 cable I was using before.

- Stereo and instrument separation has greatly improved. I think the Cat6 cable a bad channel crosstalk.

- The treble response is now flat. With the Cat6, I felt the speakers were slightly bright that I ended up shedding a few treble lines in BSCore EQ. Now I run the EQ flat.

- Overall the cable feels that it doesn't add a sound signature

- I like the Ice Blue color of the cable. It looks like a lighter tiffany blue :)

Again this is a comparison between Supra Cat8 vs. a Generic Cat6 cable (20 times cheaper). I doubt there's much difference against the official BO cable. Let alone against any Audioquest.

BTW, is there a "right way" to connect the cables into the 2 PowerLink ports on each BL18?

I mean, does it matter where you connect the Core and the cable to the other speaker ?


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I use Supra Cat 8 from my Eclipse to beolab 50 (as powerlink cable). It works and sounds very good. No static noise at all.


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Curly replied on Sat, Jan 9 2021 10:40 PM

I just googled and for those in the US, these are available on eBay from a seller in Seattle. FYI. 

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