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No AM-reception on Beolit 600 type 1501.

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PoulBerg posted on Wed, Dec 30 2020 5:43 PM

The radio works fine on FM, but unfortunately there is absolut no reception or even noice on MW and LW.

I have checked every testpoints with my DMM, and everything seems OK.

I have a feeling that the misssing AM is caused by a fault in the variable AM-condensor, although it looks fine from the outside.

I would like to hear, whether anyone in the Forum have some experience with this fault?

Sorry for my bad english (i am dane)!

Happy New Year to all.
Poul Berg 

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Dillen replied on Wed, Dec 30 2020 6:16 PM

More likely to be a broken coil lead or a bad switch contact.
Can you tell, if the oscillator is running on LW/MW?


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