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correct Aux cable for Beoplay H7 with PS4 please ??

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cloud333h posted on Sun, Dec 27 2020 4:34 PM

Hi there,

Hoping for some help with my Beoplay H7 Headphones (they have inbuilt microphone) but the original B&O Aux cable supplied only works with audio on the PS4. Tested microphone and it works properly when connected by bluetooth to laptop or phone but not wired.

So I bought a TRRS to TRRS aux cable with 3 rings on both sides to test with it but found that didn't work properly either but my question is....Is there another Aux cable I can try that would work??? i.e. a specific TRRS  to TRS with 3 rings to 2 rings on opposite sides for example. Would also be willing to try an aux cable with built in microphone if anyone can point me in right direction please? :)

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