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Programming MLGW

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JensT posted on Wed, Dec 23 2020 12:48 PM

I need some help with programming MLGW with the BS3.

All I need to make it do is switch on/off my LG screen when powering up and down my BS3.
Ive been watching a lecture video given by John Pechiar and now know how to connect to the box and semi know how it should be set up. 
The easiest way I think would be to connect the MLGW with the screen through ethernet - does anyone know the IP port LG uses? After searching around for a while I’ve gotten many different answers..
Does anyone know what command string to use? From what I can tell, also after searching the web, the command should simply be «k a» - although I find it strange that on and off have the same command?
Any help would be much appreciated. Would very much like to get rid of that LG remote.

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Just in case you consider a home automation integration, I built an integration with Home Assistant, the leading open-sourche home automation, here:


It has an added function that it can read the actual Masterlink Traffic so it has much more functionality than just light/control commands, in fact it can basically respond to any key command in the system on any device.

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