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Beovision 4 65" and Beosystem 3 - Monitor Cable

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m4tt posted on Fri, Nov 27 2020 4:32 PM

Hi Guys,


I'm new here so be gentle! I have just bought a Beovision 4 65" with the Beosystem 3 unit and Beo4...connected it all up with the wires I was given and no joy, the Beosystem lights up green and goes  orange and the TV ir signal lights up green when I turn the TV on with the Beo4, but TV doesn't turn on.


I have been reading on hear for a while but cannot work out what I need to do, except I have this other wire with a female RS232 end on and nothing on the other end bar a brown, yellow, blue, green and silver (Im guessing ground) wires coming out of the other end....I can only assume this should go on the monitor out from the Beosystem and into the Serial on the my question is, which colured wire should go where into another female RS232 connector? is there a specific pin number for each colour?


Hopefully this picture helps

Thanks in advance



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