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All Standby

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Rudi Pedersen
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Herning, Denmark
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Rudi Pedersen posted on Fri, Nov 27 2020 8:38 AM

Hi Khimo Support

I have a special event coming up now and them - now more and more - several times a day. Suddenly all products are going into stand by.

Out of the blue this happens and today a could see in the log file at BLI, that a AllStandBy event occurs ?

The event is:

2020-11-22T19:57:01.552034+01:00 bli server: Firing AllStandBy event on NetworkLink resource

Is this send by the BLI or is this something from outside the BLI ?

Best regards Rudi

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Khimo Support
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Hi Rudi,

This event has been sent from a Network Link resource you have added to you BLI. If leave the Monitor open, instead of looking at the Log, you will see more information about what resource is sending them when this happens.

If you have difficulty capturing the event in the Monitor, contact us at and we can help you with Logging these Monitor events.

Best regards!

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