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BV 7-40 mk III suddenly not working

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MartinRK posted on Mon, Nov 23 2020 3:20 PM

I have moved my BV 7 in the basement as a stand-alone TV in V-option 1 with digital cable tv to the inbuild DVB-HD. After I set it up, it worked fine for some time, but only used a few times.

Suddenly the TV is almost dead. I can turn it on with my Beo4, is says “DTV”, and then the display changes to the last tv channel, but the screen it totally black, and no response to anything from the remote, not even the “off” button.

After approx. 4 minutes it turns off by itself.

Turned off, I can play with the v-options, and the red dot flashes in response when I do that.

Only idea from my side is, that it is locked due to entering wrong code 3 times (if the kids have played with it, and entered the code wrong 3 times - I do not believe they have, though, but you never know...)

But if it is an issue with the security code, shouldn’t I be able to see on the screen how long time it will be locked before I can enter the code?

 Any ideas how to get my picture back?

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